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Anime Kid by Gallrith
Anime Kid
All of my RTX’ing this year inspired my first Camp Camp fan comic comic. I couldn’t resist the idea of Anime kid. I don’t know if it’d be funnier if he were a super Nerd or if he was super shitty at it and he only knew 4kidz dubs and such. 
Achieve Concepts (Pt. 3 Jeremy) by Gallrith
Achieve Concepts (Pt. 3 Jeremy)
Hey there folks another week another concept sheet. This week I'm back to the whole achieve men thing this time with lil J himself. I had a really shitty sinus infection this week and I was making sure I recovered before RTX so I had to push to get this one done pretty quick like. Much like last weeks with Blake I might take another shot at lil J later on. All that said this week will go one of two ways, I'm having to prep for going to RTX and I have a lot to do so I will either 1) prep the next concept sheet before I leave or 2) there won't be a sheet this week and then there'll be 2 the following week... hopefully. If there's not one next week this is why.
Time Skip Blake by Gallrith
Time Skip Blake
Another week another concept sheet. This time, I'm back to the RWBY Time Skip concepts this team with Blake. I'ma be honest I've been sitting on this one since I got done with Ruby but I ended up not liking the design as much later on. I might revisit this later but I had some business to attend to this week and I didn't want to miss another week without a concept sheet. I went for a more of a hitman look kind of inspired a bit by Spike from bebop. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy I should have some other fun stuff coming up sometime this week and not to shill myself too much but don't forget to follow me on twitter ( for extra content.
Achieve Concepts (pt.2 Lindsay ed.) by Gallrith
Achieve Concepts (pt.2 Lindsay ed.)
It’s feels great to be back in action! Probably going to be alternating between an achieve-men and RWBY concept sheet each week with some other fun stuff in between to keep me on my toes.
memories by Gallrith
Amazing what you can find in the lockers at Gibraltar. . . don't tell Mccree.

For realsies though Overwatch has been great so far Blizz is really hitting it home this year so far, and legion don't look to shabby either. It was fun to play with textures and mark making here too. I'm also done with my hellish quarter of school so I should be posting more regularly again expect some fun stuff since I've been killing myself drawing crap for the past few weeks. I'm also open again for commissions if anyone is interested. If everything goes according to plan I'm hoping to have some fun stuff ready to post for this weekend if I can stop playing overwatch long enough to get stuff done.


Gallrith's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States
I do stuff...

I suppose now since some people actually see this page I should write something other than that huh?

Well to put things into perspective quickly I like cool stuff and will draw said stuff (you can probably stop here if you want). My general sense of humor has been internet crafted (Roosterteeth, Polaris folk, etc.) and I truly enjoy getting to make people laugh, and that's why I post stuff (for the most part maybe a job one day but, meh that's what the art school I'm paying 50k a year is for...). Most stuff I post on here will either be doodles or fan stuff.

Also, if you can't tell, I play a lot of video games... when I'm not drawing that's likely what I'm doing... I'm not very good mind you but all the same I enjoy it... If anyone would like to play said game with my goofy ass just let me know you can find me pretty much anywhere under Gallrith (WoW, LoL, Steam, etc.)
Yo there internet! I've actually been working pretty hard lately as I got a new toy that has increased my work flow by quite a lot. I'll probably have something for you RT/RvB/RWBY folks later in the week. However, since I am currently on break (as well as dirt broke), I am actually opening up for commissions for the first (for-realsies) time. What this means for you, my squirrely little DA folks is that if you have ever wanted me to draw anything in particular all you have to do is pay me. . . that sounded really douchey, but Corbin gotta eat. So on that lovely bombshell I've added my official commission guide. (Try to pretend some 30's radio announcer is reading the descriptions it makes it a bit more fun).

Cormissions by Gallrith

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Gallrith Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Student
No problem. I appreciate you asking for permission!
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