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deviation in storage by glitchedpuppet


The Phantom YANG by Gallrith
The Phantom YANG
Did I say six shitty hand jokes? I meant seven. . . seven shitty hand jokes.
I couldn't decide. . . by Gallrith
I couldn't decide. . .
I'ma be real honest I couldn't decide which shitty hand joke to make so I narrowed it down to 6. . . 
Sounds Familiar (Pt. 4 Barbara ed.) by Gallrith
Sounds Familiar (Pt. 4 Barbara ed.)
Well here comes the one someone out there has been waiting for maybe… Anyway, this may be the last RT-centric Sounds Familiar that I do for a bit. I need to work on some other stuff and had this one has been ready to go since last week. I might also revisit a Barb-centric SF one day as well to include Jensen. For the time being though enjoy some Orf.
Sounds Familiar 3.5ish (Burnie ed.) by Gallrith
Sounds Familiar 3.5ish (Burnie ed.)
This was actually just something I whipped up after seeing lazer team. It's truly been a wild ride seeing RT evolve over the years and how it's still stayed the same where it counts. It truly is a wonderful community to be a part of. Can't wait to see what this year brings.
Sounds Familiar (Pt. 3 Joel ed.) by Gallrith
Sounds Familiar (Pt. 3 Joel ed.)
Hey look it's back! finally finished this. I have probably redrawn this particular sounds familiar 6ish times. Caboose's helmet is just a royal pain in the ass to get done when you have a few spare minutes here and there to work on these. I'll probably do one or two more RTcentric Sounds familiars before I might branch out a bit I already have one more inked and another couple of ideas down, however I want to branch out to other VO's as well since I feel like things might get more drastic say if Levi from AoT met Mikisugi ala Matt Mercer. Anywho I'm going to keep working on these, the overwatch print run, and maybe start posting some doodles and school stuff when I have the time. Which probably won't be too often since I have to work on actual work (go figure) if I ya know wanna get a jerb one day soon. 


Gallrith's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States
I do stuff...

I suppose now since some people actually see this page I should write something other than that huh?

Well to put things into perspective quickly I like cool stuff and will draw said stuff (you can probably stop here if you want). My general sense of humor has been internet crafted (Roosterteeth, Polaris folk, etc.) and I truly enjoy getting to make people laugh, and that's why I post stuff (for the most part maybe a job one day but, meh that's what the art school I'm paying 50k a year is for...). Most stuff I post on here will either be doodles or fan stuff.

Also, if you can't tell, I play a lot of video games... when I'm not drawing that's likely what I'm doing... I'm not very good mind you but all the same I enjoy it... If anyone would like to play said game with my goofy ass just let me know you can find me pretty much anywhere under Gallrith (WoW, LoL, Steam, etc.)
Yo there internet! I've actually been working pretty hard lately as I got a new toy that has increased my work flow by quite a lot. I'll probably have something for you RT/RvB/RWBY folks later in the week. However, since I am currently on break (as well as dirt broke), I am actually opening up for commissions for the first (for-realsies) time. What this means for you, my squirrely little DA folks is that if you have ever wanted me to draw anything in particular all you have to do is pay me. . . that sounded really douchey, but Corbin gotta eat. So on that lovely bombshell I've added my official commission guide. (Try to pretend some 30's radio announcer is reading the descriptions it makes it a bit more fun).

Cormissions by Gallrith
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Hey dude just a heads up. Someone's posting your work without giving credit. Here's the page link… They've already been reported.
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Hey. I got a challenge if you're up for it. Text me at my kik ZoeyyKay for details.
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Hey I run an ifunny account for rwby. I have over 150 subs. I would like to post your work with your permission. Your work will be post the the hash tags of your username and rwby. I will also favorite all the works I post on ifunny. If you make more rwby posts I'll post them to ifunny unless you tell me not to post any more of your work and in that case I'll delete them. I'll take no credit for your amazing work. My user is Mae99 on ifunny if you wanna look.
Gallrith Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Student
No problem. I appreciate you asking for permission!
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Hey dude I just wanted to say someone´s posting your art here without your permission or giving you credit.…
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