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deviation in storage by glitchedpuppet


Tea-Time Discussion (or Cat-man don't redux) by Gallrith
Tea-Time Discussion (or Cat-man don't redux)
Alright so continuing on with operation shit removal here's a redone version of Cat man don't this time done more in LTD-esque style... This is honestly my least favorite of the redux series so far (which probably means it'll get all the attentions), I feel like I could've done way more with the figures (and I'm still working with what kinda stylization I want to play with for the hands for this kind of stuff) but, I liked the background and the joke so meh... I suppose when I do my second operation shit removal in a year or two I can start with this one.  
Infinity by Gallrith
This was actually the first piece I inked and toned with crow quill, I just kinda threw some color on it for fun.
Edgar's lament redux by Gallrith
Edgar's lament redux
This really is the end of the world... Here's part three of operation shit removal. Poor Edgar just never gets a break...
For those who didn't see the original this was based off some joke about milk from the first season of RWBY... I think... LOOK IT'S BEEN AWHILE OKAY?!
Weiss's older brother (2.0 ed.) by Gallrith
Weiss's older brother (2.0 ed.)
My god the world's coming to an end... I've updated twice in a week... and it's something else RWBY related...kinda. Okay, so what I'm doing is slowly replacing a lot of my old meh stuff and redoing it. I started with "She's based on Barb after all" last year and now I've redone RWBY Gus... I mean Braun Schnee

For some context: Braun would be Weiss's older brother that swore revenge after she destroyed one of his lego creations as a child (dude holds a grudge). Strangely, however, he gets along well with Yang mainly due to some show about yellow people... or something like that.

So for those of you who don't know I based this concept off of a podcast story that became an RTAA (…). Also, I wanted an excuse to draw Gus but, let's be honest who needs an excuse to draw that beautiful face, am I right? Oh and Braun Schnee literally means Brown Snow.
Beating the Summer Heat by Gallrith
Beating the Summer Heat
ALRIGHT YA NERDS! Here's your first RWBY post from me in over a year... Savor it because not even I know when I'll post anything else.


Gallrith's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United States
I do stuff...

I suppose now since some people actually see this page I should write something other than that huh?

Well to put things into perspective quickly I like cool stuff and will draw said stuff (you can probably stop here if you want). My general sense of humor has been internet crafted (Roosterteeth, Polaris folk, etc.) and I truly enjoy getting to make people laugh, and that's why I post stuff (for the most part maybe a job one day but, meh that's what the art school I'm paying 50k a year is for...). Most stuff I post on here will either be doodles or fan stuff.

Also, if you can't tell, I play a lot of video games... when I'm not drawing that's likely what I'm doing... I'm not very good mind you but all the same I enjoy it... If anyone would like to play said game with my goofy ass just let me know you can find me pretty much anywhere under Gallrith (WoW, LoL, Steam, etc.)
Although I haven't been posting much lately... I'm not dead. Been busy with school and work and such, so I'll be honest... there's no way in hell I can keep to a schedule. However, I still plan on posting things as often as I can. As for LTD, I'm going to try to post specials like the christmas one. I may have a late valentines one coming out eventually but we'll see. For now though I have a few doodles to hold everyone over been watching a fair bit more anime than usual. Been watching Kill la kill, Panty and Stocking, and FMA brotherhood so expect stuff from there for now. RWBY stuff will probably show up when I'm feeling like it. Anyway, thanks again for putting up with my dumb butt and enjoy a few doodles for the time being!
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